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Find a Couple's Registry

You can search for a couple by entering in the bride or groom's first and / or last name to find their honeymoon registry.

If you need help finding a couple you can call us toll free for assistance at 800-801-3493.

Lissa Locklin and Lorne StaleyLissa Locklin and Lorne StaleyLas Vegas, NV
Sharon George and Paul LintonSharon George and Paul LintonLas Vegas, NV
Layla Hutchins and Nicolas LambertLayla Hutchins and Nicolas LambertLas Vegas, NV
Callie Jones and Jeremiah LursterCallie Jones and Jeremiah LursterLas Vegas, NV
Gail Metcalf and Vaughn LundyGail Metcalf and Vaughn LundyLas Vegas, NV
Lori Lewis and Jonathan Henson
Kristen Perkins and Benjamin Langbauer
Charles - Albert Asselin and Sienna Lee-Coughlin
Sonia OUFKIR and Robert LAFORET
Emily Lewis and Malcolm SmithEmily Lewis and Malcolm SmithVancouver, Bc
Jamie Smyl lawson and Brandon LeubnerJamie Smyl lawson and Brandon LeubnerSylvan Lake, 0
Tammy Lynch and Seth BrightonSan Diego, CA
Iris Lamont and Samuel FlintDenver, CO
Michelle Lauber and Josh French
Sadie LillewTEST and Sean LillewTEST
Vanessa Harvey and James LivingstoneVanessa Harvey and James LivingstoneGlasgow, 0
Meriel Harwood and Joe LoquastoMeriel Harwood and Joe LoquastoGeneva, IL
anita anita and patner lastname
Ali Loney and Michael CatherwoodSudbury, 0
Olivia Lewis and Robert KramerBrighton, MI
Ian Franklin and Christine LeToronto, Ontario
Anna Langell and Patrick LynchPittsburgh, PA
Jessica Lehr and Sammer ZakhourSan Diego, none
Alexandria Washburn and stanley langlowTacoma, WA
Gabriella Garza and Jack La Rue
Rebecca Levine and Richard SunseriPittsburgh, PA
Peter Lang and Kimberly LangBurlington, 0
Karine Lejeune and Jean-Philippe BedardQuebec, 0
So Young Lee and Chinu LeeSan Mateo, CA
Lorena Mendoza and Ryan lawlor
Andy Lu and Melissa Miao
phillip mcgreevy and ana paula leiteRedondo Beach, CA
Joëlle Levac and Sebastien LaplanteOrleans, 0
Christine Loihle and Lucien DunningChristine Loihle and Lucien DunningSanta Clara, CA
Lisa Hague and Michael LittleNorton, OH
Jamie Jaskunas and Paul LuenzHighlands Ranch, CO
Jamie Blau and Brad Lash
Judith Hung and Patrick LeeOakville, 0
annette lattray and carolynn crockerFenton, MO
leardiarF leardiarF and leardiarF leardiarF
Lindsey Libed and Nick Mignano
Brie Lillew and Sean David
Sandra Rogers and Richard Long

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