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These are the people that are in our wedding party. They are all wonderful parts of our lives, and we are very grateful they could take time out of their schedule to enjoy our wedding day.

Kylie Griffith

Kylie first met Ashton on December 29th, 1992 when Ashton came to see her mommy in the hospital and brought her a chocolate milkshake. Ashton was excited to have a baby sister until Kylie puked allover her hot pink Barbie sweat suit. She got over it pretty quickly and was still glad to have a little sister. Kylie is usually always with Ashton everywhere she goes, which has been the case since she could walk. They used to stay holed up in their rooms playing Barbies and MarioKart 64 for 8+ hours a day, but now they're usually still holed up in their rooms but playing Sims or watching One Tree Hill or Lifetime movies. Neither of them ever wear makeup or get ouf of their pajamas if they are at home together. They also both enjoy Chick Fil A, the movie White Chicks, and Ashton's dog Penny. Kylie is getting ready to start her junior year of college at UVA-Wise. She wants to ultimately become a Spanish teacher so she can live in Ashton and Eric's basement and work as their nanny in order to teach their children Spanish as a second language.

Katie Anderson

Katie first met Eric 21 years ago when she was born, but she just met Ashton about 3 years ago when Ashton and Eric first started dating. When they're together they usually gang up on Eric in order to get what one or both of them want. They also like cooking and watching movies together, especially movies on Netflix that Eric doesn't want to watch. Katie is currently an upcoming senior at James Madison University.

Elizabeth Keene

Elizabeth and Ashton first met when they were randomly placed on the same team in 5th grade when they played basketball. Two years later when Ashton started 7th grade at LMS they were reuinted and soon became BFFs. They share mutual obsession with chocolate, Lifetime, their dogs, and the tendency to laugh at literally everything inappropriate at the most inopportune times. Elizabeth is currently in grad school at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA and hangs out with Ashton every time she comes home whenever she's not doing something outside, such as kayaking, biking, running, rock climbing, or literally any other outdoor activity that Ashton hates.

Carlie Fogleman

Carlie and Ashton first met eachother in 2002 in the hallway on Ashton's first day at Lebanon Middle School. They had gym together and soon became best friends. Most weekends for the next 5-7 years you could usually find Ashton at Carlie's house where the two would stay up until wee hours of the morning talking to boys on AIM, looking up song lyrics on (to use in AIM away messages), watching cult classic or independent movies that most people their age didn't understand, sitting in the hot tub, watching Carl make her signature dessert "chocolate dumplings" aka "Brother Carl's chocolate mess", drinking diet mountain dew, or listening to Amy Grant blasting from Carlie's parents' room as they tried to sleep, or breaking into the AIM or MSN accounts of girls they hated from school and sabotaging them with inappropriate pictures and away messages. Carlie is currently in grad school at Texas A&M and lives many many miles away from Ashton, which Ashton is still upset about.

Justin Fitzgerald

Most people call him Justin, but I know him as "Chili Dog." The day I met Chill, he dragged me out of my freshman dorm to play SNES in the lobby of Culbertson. Chill became the proverbial college buddy for me at UVA-Wise. I could always count on Chill to have a good time, although we may have broken the occassional law. There are too many stories of Chill to recount, like "40 inches of Claus," "Manischewtiz," "4:30," and my favorite, "Stinkous." After we both grew up a bit, I had the honor of being Chill's best man at his wedding in July 2012. He and his wife Courtney now have a son John Edward, who looks just like his daddy. If you see Chill at the reception, talk to him for a few minutes, and I am sure he will have you laughing/having a good time. 

Nate Smith

The hardest part about making this blurb about Nate was picking an embarrasing photo, seriously check out his Facebook, he has plenty. Nate and I went to the same high school, but we didn't become "bros" until college. Nate transferred to Wise, and became an integral part of my group of friends. He was often the butt of jokes, but he took it all in stride. Nate and I have "man chats" at least once a week, discussing topics such as dealing with our better halves, our jobs, the economy, and get rich quick schemes. 

Evan Bill Sproles

This fine country gentleman is my friend Bill, who hails from the magical land of Dante. I met Bill during my freshman year at UVA-Wise, and we soon bonded over our mutual interest in Halo, Futurama, and general shenanigans. Bill and I had numerous classes together in college, making "learning" that much more fun. Bill is a valued friend, who is always very dependable, and logical in situations. Bill and I often communicate via Facebook, and enjoy going to watch movies to share a laugh.

Adam Kiser

This is my longtime friend, affectionately known as Kiser. I became friends with Kiser while we were both in the Green Valley Baptist Church youth group. We often hung out at each other's houses, and went on many church trips together. During high school, we would often tell people that we were brothers, and some in Lebanon still believe this tale. Kiser works across the U.S., but anytime he is in Lebanon, we are sure to find ourselves at Hardees or Applebees sharing a meal and a story.